E.T. Penthouse


Date: 2021 | Location: Bucuresti, Romania | Status: Under Construction

Created both as a piece of art and a functional tool, this Penthouse interior was designed to become a home for a friend. After years of practice, he decided it is time for him to have a place that he could call “home”. It had to be a place that expresses warmth, tranquility, and mindfulness. Following his wishes, we have designed this space starting from the floor up.

We choose light coffee-colored tinted slabs for the living floor, to express warmth as a very first impact while entering the apartment. We chose darker, warm greys and coffee hues up to the ceiling, which has the darkest color. To further convey that sense of warmth, in between we have inserted natural materials such as wood, and warm tinted lighting fixtures, all interconnected.

On a material, basic perception, we intended to create a sense of spatial continuity. Hence, similar colors and materials, such as the coffee marble that goes from the interior space to the outdoor terrace, can also be found in other places in the house, such as the kitchen and bathrooms, all expressed in different ways. The presence of metal (brass/copper) can also be found both in texture or in different materials as lighting objects, conveying the owner’s fierce and also gentle way of managing his business, the truth and passion behind his profession.

On a deeper level, we used wood to symbolize different stages that our lives go through. For the living room’s sliding door, wood is arranged as a spiral, a symbol of spiritual development in relation to the universe. The main bedroom’s bed headboard is designed to represent a singularity, the point where all begins and ends. In the living room, we have used wood combined with other elements. The owner is used to reading and studying, both as a passion and professional interest. Therefore, we created a labyrinth from the bookshelves, connecting with the light in the ceiling. Books open our eyes to the world and are a guide to our enlightenment. Music as well finds its spot in this metaphor, since it also functions as a guiding spirit in our journey through life.

The main terrace is designed to induce the connection with nature, having multiple places for plants to grow, and a fireplace – a central gathering space in many civilizations, going back thousands of years. Connecting to the upcoming secondary terrace, the staircase is designed as a piece of art on its own, with a light and transparent look, delivering the ideas of both floating and reaching for the stars.

Ultimately, we are proud to present this new space we have created, both in our friend’s journey through life, and in our journey through architecture and design.

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