VIVO Pitesti Mall – Restrooms & Waiting Area

Date: 2021 | Location: Pitesti, Romania | Status: Concept

Credits: Eusebiu Golumbeanu, Victor Popescu, Alecsandru Golumbeanu,

Not long ago, we were commissioned to redesign the restrooms and waiting area for 2 floors of VIVO Pitesti Mall. The space needed a fresh look while using some of the brand’s existing elements.

From the very beginning, we decided that we should treat the design a little differently than what you would expect from this type of space.

Consequently, we asked ourselves, what would you expect the least to find in a bathroom? And one answer was an exposition. Since displaying paintings was not an option, we choose to use large, 120x360cm slabs. All are displayed under local light on the corridors, and each is as unique as a painting.

The waiting area as well had to be in accordance with the idea of an exposition. Therefore, we used wood “sticks” that went down from the ceiling, like a chandelier, to mark the waiting area, where designer furniture would be arranged as a small lounge.

The entire space is painted in warm, contrasting color hues, marking different interest areas. Along with local lighting, they would emphasize the feeling of intimacy, much needed in a restroom.

Furthermore, we created a specific symbol that would signal each restroom gender.

We hope you’ll enjoy our design concept.

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